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Mostly, the reason for searching the Cisco outsourcing lies in the emerged problem with the network. For example the urgent need to set up a VPN connection with another office, forward ports from the Internet to the internal server(configure NAT) or configure Cisco ASA from scratch. In such moments, the fast and competent help for an urgent solution is needed. And often this help is not very easy to find. In most cases, the source of the problem is the lack of network architecture planning or its absence. And for troubleshooting you don’t even need to buy any additional hardware – just reconfigure the existing one.

For example, once the problem of the resiliency of an organization’s network, which included several dozen Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches connected in cascade, was solved with a couple of additional links and comprehensive reconfiguration of equipment. By complementing this with the plan of IP addressing for all network segments, and also creating the scheme for the whole network in MS Visio, we got the scalable, secure network, that has become an understandable and transparent both for company’s employees and for its management.

The stability and quality of work of all, without exception, the company’s IT park and, of course, the level of data transfer security depend on the network infrastructure. As always it is better to know about problems with main ISP connection on the screen of a monitoring system, rather than from embarrassed employees.

Reverse engineering

Besides the sudden hardware malfunction, the root of the problem could be human meanness or incompetence. For example, on the conflict background, the administrator quit, without leaving any network documentation. And once a small company asked to have a secret  audit of own network as new worker, helping the network technician. However, he didn’t help company engineers figuring out the reasons for constant failures, on the contrary, he blamed all the colleagues for bad server’s configuration and didn’t keep any documentation. In these cases, it is necessary, a step by step, to collect disparate data on network hardware, update or recreate the documentation and optimize the configuration of network devices. Meanwhile, note, that we deal with working hardware, that is in a production environment, and that no action should interrupt the work of the company.
This approach is also called reverse engineering which the reverse move from the working system to its basics and planning. As without understanding what exactly is configured on the hardware at the moment, for what and how it functions, it is impossible neither to optimize the configurations nor add to them something new without damaging the stable work of the network and the whole company.

Why not hire your own specialist?

Networking technologies as specialisation – is very specific knowledge. In small organisations, the generalists are usually working. These are specialists, who support office workplace, fix printers, configure servers and do other work. Obviously, no one can be an expert in all possible aspects and have advanced knowledge about networks and principles of their design is not something that a system administrator will have.

The problem can be especially acute with network personel. Beginner specialist with basic skills on configuring Cisco hardware and work experience 1-2 years on labour market in US and Canada requires salary up to $5000 per month depending on the region. What to say about professionals with a huge amount of experience and knowledge. Adding to this taxes, vacation, prizes and other costs then, it turns out, that not so many organizations can afford to receive qualified help.

Outsourcing of network hardware – is a very good opportunity for the company to receive quality and timely assistance for less cost, which includes not only troubleshooting but also the architecture planning, creating resilient connections and general hardware prevention. This is an opportunity for managers to save money and at the same time set goals and tasks on plain language, and in return receive a complex approach to plan and support networks of own organizations.

Distance is not important

The configuration works and hardware support is carried out remotely using modern technologies of secure connection via VPN and terminal connections. This saves time, money and allows not to be tied to geographic points. Whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto or Chicago – we can help you equally fast and full.

How much does it cost?

Price as for certain tasks, and as for monthly service depends entirely on time it takes to solve the problems. It is unique in each case, in view of network design features, used hardware and plenty of other factors. 

For a start, just write about your issue and I will try to help you. Sure, we could find a common language and a reason for a long and mutually beneficial partnership.


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