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Most often an engineer at the start of his or her career becomes curious about network technologies and configuring Cisco equipment, and turns toward specialized literature and Internet for enlightenment. After reading one or two books, the engineer decides to get certified and starts preparing for taking the first career exam, which often turns out to be CCNA. Along with self-study, if personal or company budget allows it, the engineer takes specialized courses at an authorized Cisco training center, which costs 30 to 100 thousand RUB. Throughout these courses, the trainer/teacher takes a few days to go over theory and breaks down a couple of practical scenarios.

After the course is finished, our young specialist gets a certificate that acknowledges that the course of training has been completed, but not the CCNA professional certificate itself. A little down the road, the engineer tries for the exam itself. If enough points have been earned, the engineer becomes certified at the entry level and employers open their doors, glad to have a certified specialist onboard.

At this point, it seems things are going uphill and the engineer is 5 minutes away from being the professional in telecommunications - in the classroom everything seemed simple, easy to understand, and exam questions were easy to crack. Yet almost immediately yesterday's student, and today's certified entry-level professional, realizes that the theoretical course that he or she just passed with flying colors has, putting it mildly, very little to do with real life tasks and practical aspects of configuring network equipment.

Sometimes the young specialist gets lucky and ends up working for a company that has a more experienced colleague that can mentor and show the ropes of configuration side of telecom work. Yet others are not so lucky and end up facing the challenges of configuring real Cisco equipment all alone. What could those unfortunate and, so far, unexperienced specialists do? Especially when project deadlines are tight and manager (along with the director) are breathing down your neck and demanding immediate result too shortly after allocating the budget for training?

If that is the scenario that you've encountered, this is where you would find useful my experience and skills. I can provide consultations or become a personal tutor, providing one-on-one training. Through my lessons, you will be able to learn not only about the theoretical side of the problem you've encountered (which is what standard classroom-taught courses usually give you), but also receive direct help and practical examples for configuring your network equipment..

With over 10 years of successful work with Cisco equipment behind my back, I have accumulated considerable experience in troubleshooting network issues and configuring equipment, that I will be happy to share with you.

If you have encountered a problem similar to the engineer described and need to solve it in timely manner:
As a result, after only a couple of hours of lessons with me, you will be able to get what no official training courses can give you - a personal experience of configuring real, operating "live" equipment in your own network. In the future, it is obvious that you will find it easier to look for and troubleshoot an issue in the network that you've configured yourself.

In case of dire necessity, I can perform the configurations myself and give you a detailed account and commentary on what I've done, which will allow you to create your own troubleshooting algorithm for finding network issues and use it in future work.

If you would like to request my help with learning or configuring network equipment, please contact me through the appearing form on the right , or directly through:

ndividual lessons are delivered through Skype remotely.
Cost of 1 hour of individual lessons is – 20$


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